February 24, 2018
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Dear Friends, 
I have received a lot of letters from you regarding our "disconnection"on Facebook. 
I have NOT de-friended any of my FB friends. I simply converted my personal account into a page and all of my friends were converted automatically into fans.
As you know, I have a large network and very quickly I have reached a 5000 Facebook friend limit. In order to connect with more people, I converted my personal Facebook account into a Page, which doesn't limit the number of followers you can have.
As the result, I cannot send you a message, comment on your posts or photos, see your wall or news feeds, etc.  You -- in theory -- shall be able to do all of the above listed... BUT.....
Unfortunately, when I switched, I faced more issues then I have ever anticipated. It looks like Facebook shows my post in your news feeds only if you have interracted with my page recently or have manually set the settings for my posts -- "Show in the News Feeds".


For Fans: How to keep receiving posts from FB pages you've "Liked"

Facebook Page Likes Fix

1. Find a page you've "liked."

2. Hover you mouse over the "Liked" button. Try clicking the "Liked" button. That also may or may not work. It might take a few tries before it will work. 

3. After clicking "Liked," try hovering over it again. This may or may not work and might take a few tries before it will work. 

4. Once you (finally) get a drop down menu, confirm "Show in News Feed" is selected.

In theory, this should put all more posts from the page back in your newsfeed. Sorry for this confusion, hopefully we will reconnect and stay in touch. Despite of the recent issues I have experienced with FB, I still think this network provides a great opportunity to interact and build relationships and friendships. 


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