August 19, 2018
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Aug 20

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Written by Melissa Wadsworth
What You Notice Matters

What You Notice Matters! And, what I've noticed is that I'm intuiting that we are in an energetic period of grace in the waning days of summer. This is an important time that can make all the difference to how your fall season forms.

I've been sensing that many of us are in a "holding" pattern right now and that things are going to dynamically change up come September. It's not holding as in "doing nothing" It's about being in the moment, being observant and appreciating the grace of planning and prepping time.

This is the time for focused energy. Focused watchfulness. Focused use of resources. Focused nurturing. Focused support gathering. No kidding, are you getting your ducks in a row so you'll be ready to unleash your own brilliance this fall?

Here are a few tips to use this time with awareness:

1. Sense how your energy wants to express itself. Are you feeling lazy in the final days of summer? Can you relax and go with that feeling? Are you feeling in a flow of productivity? Where are you forcing your energy? What is coming easily and what feels like it's just too hard? Try to be in harmony with your natural unfolding energy.
Rising Consciousness

2. Honor your inspirations and spontaneous inclinations. Whether you're in a mood of relaxed receiving or in a more dynamic giving back to the Universe phase, act on your moment-to-moment inclinations that honor what wants to unfold in the present. It may lead to things you couldn't have planned for that will make the next few months even more exciting and satisfying.

3. Be sure to take advantage of all that summer has to offer. This season will be over quickly, so be sure to be outdoors in the sun as much as you longed for last winter. Get all those summer projects completed or decide they aren't that important after all. Make the choice mindfully.

4. Do some intuitive visioning around what the next season has in store. This can mean just asking yourself the question: What is on the verge of unfolding for me? Then journal what intuitively comes to you. Or you could create an intuitive dream board holding this question in your mind, but without any expectations about what has to show up. My "Rising Conscious" piece above show literally shows me what my energy looks like right now. How cool is that?

5. Choose an area of your Self to expand. Do you want to become more fearless? (see my interview with Karna Sundby below). How about more adventurous and spontaneous or focused and disciplined is a direction you'd like to take. Sometimes our strengths can get lost in how we are expressing our Being on a day-to-day basis. What could you do that shows up who you really are at your best?

Most of all treasure and enjoy the warmth and opportunities of summer. A new season will be here soon enough.

Live Radiantly through Attention, Vision and Intuition!

Melissa Wadsworth
What You Notice Matters


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