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Oct 15

Written by: adminsophia
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Hi Joie,

Beautiful name by the way!

Back in September, Sophia mentioned that you had asked for references, and I apologize that between travel and work and children, I've not been as timely in responding as I had hoped to be



I have known Sophia for about a year now, and my every interaction with her has been absolutely wonderful. Sophia is professional, and maintains confidentiality which is of utmost importance when we are sharing our personal lives with someone. The trust factor is absolutely there, which allowed for me to open up to her. Something else that I really appreciate about Sophia is she used her own life as an example with me at times when there was an alignment, to help me see that these things are not isolated events that only happen to me, but many of us face events and if we manage through them well, then we grow from the situations and are better people as a result. Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth of our own areas of improvement, so when Sophia uses herself as an example, your walls go down, because she is not only taking your story, she is sharing hers...she is humbly relating so that you can feel comfortable in those areas that you can improve on.  Granted there are issues that the other people around us may need to change, but as we grow as people, it is not so much a need to focus on others, as it is to focus on ourselves, that is what we are able to really bring change in - and that is how we move our life forward in a blessed and successful way. Since I started meeting with Sophia, many significant things have changed in my life - all because of the tools she gave me, from how to be more aware of myself and what I attract into my life, to how I respond to situations in life and alternative ways of responding were offered by her - which actually proved very beneficial even though my first reaction was to doubt. Sophia taught me some key points 1. Humility/Humble 2. Authentic 3. Kind rather than right -- at first this made me feel weak, because I"m a very type A, strong woman and for me to change my communication style was not easy, it took me 3 months of being aware daily and in being willing to try it even if it felt odd. I even through through a period where I just felt I was in a void - never was I unhappy, I just felt out of touch with things, everything was vague almost like a dream state where you are not sure you fit.  After those 3 months passed and I kept with everything she had taught me, accepting that I dont have to be perfect, and that the way I calculated perfect to be, may not have been what others saw perfect as being --- the changes started to come through. I now attract very successful, kind, authentic genuine people into my life. I broke away from my employer and started my own company, and I am embracing life with true joy.  Instead of hiding the softer sides of who I am, for fear that the fast paced business world would only be interested in seeing my stronger side, and transferring that over to the men I would meet -- all was a falacy - the reality is, the world responds well to our authentic self, even if it means being softer, removing walls, being open, being vulnerable....we attract what we are, and thus the most beautiful parts of life are only seen when we open ourselves with confidence and love to the vulnerability of feeling life and allowing life to see through us and to be ok with our imperfections, most people dont see them anyway, because no one is perfect. Sophia is a true treasure, and she has a wealth of knowledge that absolutely brings results - by now you may have had a couple sessions with her and are aware, and if not, I encourage you to do so. I had about 10+ sessions and I"ll have a couple more - but what I love is that the results are obvious, she doesn't just listen, she provides tools and solutions -- to realize your dreams, to bring out the beauty within you, and to live the best possible life, attracting the most beautiful possibilitie




All the best, L.








(Female, 35yo, Seattle WA)

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