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Sep 6

Written by: adminsophia
9/6/2011 10:04 AM  RssIcon

The Last Week of My Life: Part 1 by JUSTINE on AUGUST 28, 2011  



How to describe the last week of my life?  Well, I’ve spent hours with a professional matchmaker who challenged my deepest feelings about finding my future partner, been interviewed by a major news station for the evening news, been the subject of a professional photo shoot and attended toddler art class.  Totally normal, no big deal… if you’re Cindy Crawford, which I am not!




Sophia, my matchmaker, spent hours with me.....




It was also sobering in a lot of ways.  She is concerned that I am looking for my soul mate AND that I want to have children with that person.  She thinks I may be too old at  38 to attract a man that is interested in starting a family… That’s a scary thought since I really have my heart set on it even though I already have a young daughter.  I can honestly say that by the end of the meeting my ideas about what I wanted and needed in a mate had been challenged and I was really thinking hard about what is most important to me- not just in a relationship, but in my life.  (Just FYI for all you “family minded” guys out there in my age range: I’m from solid, Irish Catholic breeding stock and my grandmother gave birth to twins after age 40- they are the last of her 9 children!)


On the lighter side, she talked about my photo shoot and showed me profile photos that she considers “good” and “bad”.  I was told not to wear black or white and to look for youthful and colorful clothing (you try finding “youthful colors” when every store in Seattle has switched their clothing palate to “Seattle fall drab”). She advised me to” really show off” my personality, while somehow simultaneously being Hollywood glamorous so that I would appeal to men…  hmmm.  My personality is NOT fake eye lashes, Prada and spiked heels on a normal day.  The meeting left me wondering how to be both down to earth and approachable, yet also look like I just walked off a reality modeling show?

After the matchmaker meeting on Tuesday, I had a conference call with the photographer, Jennifer Richard, about our upcoming shoot on Friday.  She gave me more tips and was fantastic to talk with.  I started the process of looking for my 3 photo shoot outfits.  This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it took HOURS at 5 different stores and I still couldn’t find anything I was 100% sure she and Sophia were going to like.  Between that and the other items Sophia had put on my list to complete before the photo shoot, it was a crazy week.  As instructed, and in some instances against my better judgment, I got my first ever spray tan (a very naked and seriously sticky experience!), had my nails done and scheduled professional hair and makeup for the day of the shoot.  I really could have managed all that, kept up with the basics for my business and my house, made sure my daughter got to all her classes and dealt with the very stressful legal issues we had this week, except…

Just after 10 am on Thursday, about an hour before the sitter was scheduled to arrive so I could shop for the final outfits without my toddler trying to get every pair of shoes onto her head, I got a call from Barb telling me that my story had been picked up by KING 5 News and they wanted me in Seattle instantly for an on-camera interview.  Let me set the scene… My daughter and I are both in our pajamas, we are half way through our breakfast, we have not showered, I have no makeup on, have not fed the dog, I am in the middle of laundry and don’t have any “date” clothes clean, let alone TV interview clothes… Come to think of it, what does one wear for a  TV interview and whose life is this, anyway?  Can’t be mine because TV clothing dilemmas are just not part of my world!

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