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May 19

Written by: adminsophia
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For most of us, the greatest source of happiness in life is to love and be loved. Today I am going to tell you why love and optimism go hand in hand.
When I think of the strongly optimistic people I know, I am always struck by the depth and scope of their relationships. Optimists are great lovers! They love many things passionately - nature, sports, music, art, gardening - you name it.
But most of all, they love people. They respond to children and old folks with enthusiasm. They are deeply connected to their families. They are usually involved in doing something to help people in trouble. In fact, they reach out to others all the time, giving the gift of their attention and interest, and they have a wonderful way of making the people they are talking to feel valued and important.
Their ability to admire and enjoy others is a powerful force that helps account for their optimism and keeps their positive outlook alive. Because of all the loving energy they put forth, they have a lot of love coming back at them, too. In tough times, they find themselves in the center of a supportive network that helps them make it through the rough spots.
There's no question about it. Loving relationships nurture optimism, and optimism helps us become more loving. I want you to remember something: love is not a noun. It's a verb and therefore requires action to become real.
Lou Tice
The Pacific Institute


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