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Love, Dating and Relationship Advice by Seattle Millionaire Matchmaker Sophia Andreeva

Oct 9

Written by: adminsophia
10/9/2012 11:21 PM  RssIcon


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We WON  Again - in 2010 and in 2011!!!

We appreciate your loyalty, referrals and support and would not achieve our success without your help!


Tomy R. … voted BEST Matchmaker

There are many options for finding your mate in Puget Sound from online dating services to serious matchmaking individuals. Sophia cuts right through the noise and will connect you with someone that fits with you perfectly. Sophia will work with you to understand who you really are and what type of personality will complement your life. There is no comparable person or service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Time with Sophia is time very well spent. She is a real gem.

3 days ago

Sequoia L. … voted BEST Matchmaker

The most lovely person I have met! She gives her heart and sole to this business beacuase she truly helping people find love!

September 17, 2012                                                          


Jerryandlois … voted BEST Matchmaker

There is no one else we could ever possibly recommend, or think of than Sophia. She's so far beyond "The Best" that words do not do her justice. We think the world of her, her skills and sensitivity, and how well she puts this all together with incredible insights and intelligence.

September 20, 2012


Angelina F. … voted BEST Matchmaker

She exceeds your expectations and comes from a genuine place of love and care and life lessons benefiting everyone =) thanks so much Sophia!

September 25, 2012

Shahin Z. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia's involvement in creating opportunities for meeting, socializing, and finding similar people to you is second to none.
5 days ago

Kelly F. ... voted BEST Matchmaker
You inspire me in more ways than one. BTW, your positive posts on fb is what keeps me going at times. I would also one day love to share with you about the sweetest, most humble, precious, and loving relationship I have found, and I have to say, I owe a lot of it to YOU and your inspiring will, grace, knowledge, and wisdom! YOU have helped me look for the real deal and you have taught me to be open, honest, true, and 100% into that relationship. I'm voting again right now and I hope my vote counts. Thank you Kelly
3 hours ago

Alister R. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Exquisite all the way round (-:
4 days ago

Mickey0 … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia goes to the root of emotional connection, advising, guiding and cajoling. Fabulous!
4 days ago

Viola S. … voted BEST Matchmaker
I like her meetups, full of useful information and chances to meet local singles, also the inspirational and spiritual support she provides.
3 days ago                                                              

Ckmsea … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophisticated Matchmaking, Inc. is the BEST Matchmaker of all. Sophia the owner is very good at what she does and really makes an effort to find the best and most sincere match. Very professional.
3 days ago

Christiaan C. … voted BEST Matchmaker
She is a gem in the matchmaker world! If she can’t find you compatible mate nobody can
9 hours ago

Trudy K. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia is one of the most gracious, kindest, sweetest down to earth ladies you would ever want to know... a true treasure!
4 hours ago                                                                

Tom L. … voted BEST Matchmaker

Sophisticated Matchmaking is not one of the best it is THE best matchmaking service on the planet. Competent, customer oriented and perfect organized fulfilling exact the desires of customer looking for more than fun but rather for a sophisticated intellectual and yet beautiful mate

3 hours ago

Greg W. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia McDonald is very professional.
4 hours ago

Star … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophisticated Matchmaking is absolutely the best service in WA. There's no comparisons and I wish Sophia continued success in providing the best matchmaking service that's dedicated with passion, professionalism, and deeply understanding people at their spiritual levels.
5 hours ago

Dianaellis … voted BEST Matchmaker
There is no competition to Sophisticated Matching Service in WA. I wish we had you in LA! Good luck to you and much success! You so much deserve it!
6 hours ago

Alena C. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia and Her Matchmaking team is the best in Washington!
8 hours ago

Inna B. … voted BEST Matchmaker
This is by far the Most sophisticated match-making services in the region! Best of luck to Sophia.
9 hours ago

Candace M. … voted BEST Matchmaker
She is works very hard and she is amazing!
9 hours ago

Deborah S. … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia is amazing. She actually helps people in a very conscious way get date ready
15 hours ago

Leon … voted BEST Matchmaker
Sophia is a very hard working matchmaker and is thinking all the time for her clients. Thank you!
18 hours ago


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