October 23, 2020
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Testimonial reviews about sophisticated matchmaking



Please review a few testimonials from my happy clients! That is why I do what I do!

I have always believed that the only way to do a great work and to get amazing results is to love what you do!

If you have a few minutes, I would love to get your feedback on your experience working with me. Please leave your testimonial HERE

I wish you to meet true love and live happily ever after. That’s what I wish for all my clients. 

Hi Sophia, 

Thanks for the dating and relationship coaching, I have made significant progress since reading your posts, messaging you, and practicing. 

What has been most helpful is regaining the power that I had. I was just going along with some of the things that the woman said. I was trying to be polite, but I need to stand up for what is right. They respect that and it creates more attraction. 

You talked about the example of communication and the level of sophistication of master daters. I bumped up a couple of levels of sophistication, fine tuning, and I’m getting much better results. There are more women and they are more attractive in more ways. 

I’m getting more matches on Tinder and OK Cupid. I’m much more confident since working with you. Starting to get my swagger back. Need to keep building it. 

I’m working on more of what the women are interested in and getting them to be attracted to me. 

At the grocery, I never meet women and I had a scientist woman and another woman leaning in and their eyes were sparkling towards me after I was flirting with them.  

Thanks for your coaching. It’s made a big difference in improving the quality and quantity of my dating. I’ll keep working towards the one woman life-long loving relationship. Keep my eyes open, but also let it happen. 

~ Mateo, coaching client, 50yo, Seattle, WA, May 2019

The latest testimonial from another happily matched client

- 55yo male, Seattle, WA, January 2019 

FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRE:What was your experience of the initial interview?

Extremely helpful! Sophia asked many in-depth questions that gave me the confidence she was really interested to know and understand me. The 40 pages intake questionnaire also prompted me to think about what is really important to me.

Did it shift your perception of your dating situation and how?

Yes, it confirmed that I don’t need to settle for someone who doesn’t match with my values and interests. It changed my perception of online dating- that more dates and introductions aren’t necessarily “better”, or a good use of my time.

In which way was the coaching method different from other coaching programs/therapy you took earlier?

Sophia’s approach is very different than what I expected. She helped me understand the “Field Theory” and helped me understand how to approach new relationships with confidence, and not from “need”.

How fast were you able to see the results?

I purposely chose to wait until after our coaching before dating again, but Sophia quickly changed my attitudes about dating and also about past relationships, seeing more clearly why they weren’t successful.

How would you describe Sophia’s coaching style working with clients?

Sophia is very kind and caring, and also direct. She calls things out, which I appreciate, and we talk through real-life situations, applying the principals I am learning. I trust that I can share anything with Sophia, including insecurities I might have. She is supportive, nonjudgmental, and encouraging. She suggested a large number of books to read between sessions. We were then ready to discuss and make the most of our time.

What was your experience with image makeover process?

Was Sophia able to match your style with your personality to deliver a better message of who and what you are?

Absolutely! She first suggested some stores to me, and I went to stylists at those stores by myself. I wasn’t totally comfortable with what the stylists chose, but purchased the clothes anyway. After showing them to Sophia it was clear to me the value of having her shop in person with me. I returned the other clothes and Sophia chose styles that were spot-on for me. Afterward, the women I have dated have complimented me on every ensemble Sophia chose for me, even the cologne she suggested at our last stop.

What was your shopping experience like?

Fun! With Sophia advising the store’s stylist, the two women were able to quickly find me a great combination of shoes, slacks, shirts, suits, and jackets that will cover a wide variety of dating situations, without breaking my budget. Sophia spent hours with me, carefully choosing each piece of clothing and each accessory.

What was your photo-shoot like?

Were atmosphere and location making you relaxed and comfortable? Yes! Originally I was self-conscious about a photo-shoot in public, but Sophia and the photographer made me feel at ease and comfortable. Sophia was very particular about the poses and backgrounds she felt would reflect best on me. I appreciated her meticulous attention to those details.

Did your images turn out as you expected?

Yes. Sophia and the photographer said there were more good images than normal that they wanted me to choose from. Sophia also helped me choose the photos that best conveyed energy and my personality so that women she matches me with will get a good sense of who I am from my photos.

Was Sophia present and personally involved personally in your image makeover, shopping, and photo-shoot?

Yes! Sophia made the time to spend an entire afternoon and evening shopping with me, and another afternoon and evening at the photo-shoot. In addition, she encouraged me to bring clothes I purchased without her to her home to try on. She has exceptional taste and brought a perspective to the makeover, shopping, and photo-shoot that I found extremely valuable and beneficial.

What was your matchmaking experience?

Did Sophia have enough matches fitting your criteria?

Sophia showed me a large number of women in her database who appeared to spark my interest. She also was quick to point out women who she felt would not be a good match for me, even though I was attracted to their photos and their profiles.

Did potential matches recommendation by Sophia match the reality?

Yes! In fact, the first match she made for me is the only one I’ve had because she seems to be a perfect fit for me. My date and I hit it off from the first phone call and we’re exclusive with each other. She and I are both amazed at how perfect we seem to be for each other. We celebrated Thanksgiving together and sent a photo to Sophia telling her how thankful we are for her bringing us together.

How long did it take for you to meet the right match?

When I first interviewed with Sophia she showed me her #1 choice for me, after we spent three hours together and she got to know me. Four months later, when I was ready to be matched, Sophia showed me the same woman’s profile again, still believing she was the #1 choice for me. We met, have dated for two months, and are now exclusive. Sophia has offered to match me with other women but I haven’t seen the need. My match and I are very happy together and continue to be amazed at how Sophia knew we would be so right for each other.

Was Sophia available to provide you with dating support and advice on a daily basis as needed?

Absolutely! Though I haven’t needed it after the first couple of dates, given how well things are going.

I highly recommend Sophia for all the services she provides. When I paid her for one year of matchmaking I expected to date numerous women until I found one to be exclusive with. I was skeptical when Sophia told me that my first match might be the only one I need - but so far she is right. Even if it turns out that I paid all the money to Sophia for just one match, it will be worth it. To borrow from the Master Card catch-phrase, finding true love is “priceless”.

~ Rick, 55 yo, Seattle, WA - January 2019

From a couple that just got engaged on Valentine Day: "I just want to special note to say thank you for helping me find the love of my life. We are so happy. He is so amazing". ~ Seattle, WA February, 2018

On Sep 2, 2015, at 6:31 AM, James <xxxx@aol.com> wrote: Sophia, The first woman you set me up with actually turned out to be the best match of all! Thank you. I believe you have changed my life for the better, potentially, much better. James ~ Seattle, WA September 2015

"I was very skeptical about Matchmaking at first.  But after some time and series of failed online dates I was not willing to waste  my valuable time anymore to sit through bad dates! I have reached out to Sophia , she was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.  She took her time to learn about me and my life.  She is a great listener and an amazing guide.  She seemed to know and understand my needs immediately. Sophia has very extensive database that isn't a static environment - it's  constantly gets updated.  She works with very sophisticated, educated, ambitious and driven individuals.   I have not had a bad date since I signed up for her services.  She made me believe in connection, love, partnership and companionship again. 
By the time I found Sophia I was hopelessly thinking that there is no one out there that could be a good match for me.  She has changed that- she gave me confidence, put a smile on my face and made me believe in love again! She is an incredible woman.  I would highly recommend her for anyone who values their time and energy" ~ Sarah, 31, Seattle, WA - December, 2014  

"Sophia was my matchmaker to start until I sought her coaching help to repair my relationship with my former fiancé. Because she works with so many different types of men, women, and couples, she has unerring insight into how different personality traits or cultural expectations can create communication difficulties, and she can find simple ways to remove them. But perhaps her most important skill is this: she can simply tell you that you are wrong in such a way that you will agree with her and not feel bad about it. I am now engaged again to my fiancé, our relationship is much stronger than before, and our personal self-knowledge is also much greater. We can never repay our debt to Sophia." ~ Samuel, Issaquah WA - May 2014

The following comment has been added in the blog "Pursue Love Deliberately"
Re: Review About Sophisticated Matchmaking Services
If you are looking for someone in the Pacific Northwest who is not only at the top of the matchmaking profession, but who is also a wonderful person, Sophia is your woman. She has an unsurpassed level of positive energy, and also an amazing ability to inspire and energize everyone who comes into contact with her. Nobody benefits more from that than her lucky clients- she inspires all of us to look our best, feel our best, to aim high in our expectations for love and to dream about finding the perfect match. Sophia is great at boosting self-esteem, giving life advice, fashion advice, and even advice for in the bedroom. But the one thing that sets Sophia apart from her competition is the attention and care she gives to her female clientele. Many matchmakers who target high-net worth, successful men seem to treat the female as something to be "delivered" to the male client's expectations. I have been deeply and pleasantly surprised to find that Sophia is just as invested in my needs as a female client, and my protection, safety and success in dating. It was my expectation that I would be advised to try and meet the expressed desires of the men she introduce me to, but instead she has advocated that I keep my own interests in mind, and to make sure that any male client she sets me up with meets my own desires, needs and criteria as well. My experiences as a grateful client of Sophia's might even suggest that she is too good! at what she does. How is a woman supposed to choose what dates to go on when she is presented with so many appealing options? Ladies (and gentlemen) of the PNW, listen to me: Sophia is the ne plus ultra of matchmakers in our area. Her attention to the smallest details is impeccable, she remembers everything and has a quick mind to go along with her amazing intuition, and if that wasn't enough she is also wise beyond her years and possesses a stratospheric emotional IQ. If you are looking for love, Sophia is the one you want helping you find it!
~Anna M., Kirkland WA, April 4th, 2013

"Sophia's encouragement and guidance have been extremely helpful as I faced being single for the first time in over 15 years. She helped me clarify my goals and identify the type of woman who would be the best match for me. Frankly, her ability to select women who are excellent personality matches for me is uncanny." ~ Richard, Issaquah, WA - March 15th, 2013

“When I first came to Sophia, I was tired of dating, discouraged and all together ready to give up on this endeavor. The overwhelming amount of first dates will get you there in no time! The first meeting I had with Sophia was wonderful, we chatted about life and relationships as if two old friends were catching up on life. I felt extremely comfortable, relaxed and understood. She was not just asking me questions about my dating life, Sophia really wanted to get to know me on a deeper emotional level and now I understand how truly crucial that was. After the initial session, Sophia started her magic matchmaking process and Vuala! We had multiple gentlemen who met my “dating criteria”, all of them were great sophisticated bachelors, truly wonderful men but I felt no spark….Then, one day Sophia called me, I will never forget how excited and enthusiastic she sounded on the phone, she said : ” I want you to meet this man, he might be the one for you!!”  I do not know how to really describe my first date other than I did not want it to ever end! When you meet someone special, you have that strong deep connection almost immediately and when it is right, things flow naturally from that point on. We both feel very lucky to have found each other..It feels like a fairytale and a bit like a miracle!!! Sophia, words can not express both of our gratitudes and appreciation for this introduction!!! You matchmaking talent is the greatest gift and a blessing for all the Seattle singles!!! Thank you!!!” ~ Tanya, Clyde Hill, WA – January 2nd, 2013

"I highly recommend Sophia as a life and love coach. After even listening to her the first time, truly listening with an open heart, I already realized my expectations would be exceeded, that she has so much healing and helpfulness to offer anyone. What I found to be essential is her keen skill of “seeing through you” and understanding you without judgment, without ego - yet with compassion and rational constructive input. She is genuine, giving, intuitive, authentic, warm, humorous, fully present, wise, and positive yet realistic, to name a few. She “walks the talk” herself, sharing her personal experiences to help you relate and grow, and you find that she is a beautiful human being herself. Wearing “Sophia’s glasses” brought me immensely more understanding of myself and others - more enlightenment – and proactive steps in a positive direction. Beyond a doubt, Sophia invites you to truly realize yourself so that you can become your best in life and love." ~ Angelina F., 36, Renton, WA

"There are many options for finding your mate in Puget Sound from online dating services to serious matchmaking individuals. Sophia cuts right through the noise and will connect you with someone that fits with you perfectly. Sophia will work with you to understand who you really are and what type of personality will complement your life. There is no comparable person or service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Time with Sophia is time very well spent. She is a real gem." ~ Male, Seattle WA, October 2012

"You inspire me in more ways than one. BTW, your positive posts on fb is what keeps me going at times. I would also one day love to share with you about the sweetest, most humble, precious, and loving relationship I have found, and I have to say, I owe a lot of it to YOU and your inspiring will, grace, knowledge, and wisdom! YOU have helped me look for the real deal and you have taught me to be open, honest, true, and 100% into that relationship. I'm voting again right now and I hope my vote counts. Thank you, Kelly ~ Female, Seattle WA, October 2013


Bachelorette of Sophisticated Matchmaking

I received this email tonight from one of my certified database members. This lady had an initial interview and a coaching session with me about a month ago, right before the holidays, and brought me a few candid photos, pretty photos but not professional, poor quality, low resulution and not really representing her at her best. I suggested to update the profile and to get new professional photos. She was actually open to it and was very prompt to follow all the instructions. Withing a month I have set her up with a man that was a perfect match to her and everything she was looking for. Wishing them both much love and a lasting relationship. 
"When I shared a pot of tea with Sophia in her home overlooking Lake Washington, I realized I had truly found an alliance in my quest to find “the one”. It was easy for me to proceed with her plan which included professional photos. Along with the photos, the experience of writing my bio brought my proactive stance and quest to life. Preparing for the shoot was a thoughtful and fun process that took some time and energy prior to and the day of the shoot, however it was so worth it. Within a week of Sophia posting my profile with my photos, a tall, dark and handsome (not kidding!) gentleman asked for an introduction. That same gentleman had previously seen my snapshots on the database and did not express an interest in meeting me! A thoughtful and authentic bio and professional pictures are an integral part of this process. Snapshots can never accomplish what the professional photograph can. The difference is in the lens and the person behind it."  ~ Bacherette, January 2013, Bellevue, WA 

"Sophia, I just thought I'd update you with status since our consultation.  I've read through  a majority of suggested reading you gave me.  What I found most helpful was your example of a picky guy who describes a girl he's looking for that would never be attracted to him, and then Wayne Dyer's statement of, "be that which you want to attract."  Most of the rest of the reading can be summed up by, 'positive people attract positive results.'  All that information helped give me a new perspective that makes sense, and in application has generated some good results.  It has apparently changed the energy I'm giving off as more people I've never met have been initiating random conversations with me, and women have actually been approaching me and asking to dance when I go to social Salsa dances. One result in particular I'm excited about is a date for tomorrow evening, the woman is someone I met at a party on Saturday.  Tomorrow is also my styling session with Darcy; she did a closet audit yesterday and it's definitely in need of some updating.  That should work out perfectly, giving me something nice to wear for that evening.  Regardless of what happens with this woman tomorrow I still plan to have photos taken with Jennifer next Monday as those will just be nice to have anyway.  Once I have those I'll send you some to add to my profile. Just thought I'd say thank you, and that I found the consultation very beneficial and useful. ~ Male, 30, Lake Stevens WA, July 18th, 2012 

Thank you and stay amazing Sophia. I have had just a couple of interactions with you personally but it was enough to point me in the direction i needed to allow myself to find my beautiful and amazing wife. Thank you for what you do and you continue to inspire." ~ Adrian, 35yo, Seattle, July 13th 2012

Thank you for putting this event together. I learned some interesting things today, one very important bit was that I didn't have a clear idea of what makes me (or other men) attractive to women. While I still don't think I have a clear answer, at least now I have a clear question, and often that is more valuable. I also liked what you said about what women value is more about the connection than what [men] bring with it, because when I do connect, I usually connect very well. I really liked the example you showed where you played the role of a woman who was ready to fall in love and desired a monogamous relationship. It was clear, upfront, and I knew where I stood and where I could go. And I wasn't left on the hook being the only person to create the container. Very well done. In my own journey of soul alchemy, I once hated charismatic guys who seemed to have their pick of whoever they wanted and they knew it, especially when they were playing with the girls I liked. What is new and different for me now is that I've learned that I am that guy: I am a lot of fun, I am wonderfully playful, have a lot of charisma (when I'm not busy stuffing it or hiding, which has been my MO in the past), and this is a valuable gift on top of all the other things I bring to the table. Integrating that this is okay and good still feels a little weird. Thanks again, and have a fabulous day! ~ John, Bellevue WA, May 31st, 2012

"Dear Sophia - Thank you! Working with you is an extraordinary experience. Your zest for life, intuition and knowledge are remarkable.
The introductions and sections of men you have provided so far is impressive. I would never have met such high caliber men online.
Thank you again and I am recommending your services absolutely! You are simply fabulous!" ~ Female, 40, Bellevue WA , May 18th, 2012

"I've never found it hard to date, but impossible to find a woman I would want to spend the rest of my life with. I was beginning to think I never would find such a person, and some of my friends thought that I was being too selective. When a friend of mine suggested Sophia as a matchmaker, I first thought "No way. I don't need that!" but then I thought "How could it hurt?" After our first meeting, Sophia had someone in mind for me, who turned out to be unavailable. She then introduced me to a couple other women who were very nice, but not the one for me. Then, after some time, the woman she first thought would be perfect for me became available, we met, and yes, Sophia was right. I am completely taken by this woman; we are a perfect fit for one another. Sophia has the power of great intuition and the true desire to help people find romance. I will always be thankful to her for seeing who would be right for me and introducing me to such a wonderful woman."~ Male, 55yo, Seattle WA, February 9th, 2012

“Not all MatchMakers are created equal! Find out for yourself ~ Contact Sophisticated Matchmaking. Above and beyond your exectations! ” ~ Shelley Greco on Jul 27, 2011
“Sophia is exceptional. There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance.” ~ Ken Gronvold on Jul 23, 2011
“Sophia is an amazing and inspirational woman! She changes lives every day” ~ Jacquie Begemann on Jul 12, 2011
“Sophia is the most amazing and professional match maker and consultant, highly professional and supportive ” ~ Tom Lehner on Jun 25, 2011
“Sophia is a charming, successful woman. She brings a smile to everyone she meets.” ~ Frank Drake on Jun 20, 2011  
“Sophia is amazing! She changes lives every day! She is a real asset to my group of friends. Get to know her today!” ~ Amazon Rivers on Jun 14, 2011  
“Sophia is a great communicator and team player. Someone I would hire immediately if I were forming a new team. Really connects with everyone”  ~ Randy McKeown on Jun 13, 2011
“Sophia has a track record for success, as well as a bright future.” ~ Gregg Swanson on Jun 13, 2011
“Sophia is a terrific speaker! Want to be entertained and learn? Invite Sophia to speak at your next gathering. ” ~ Steve 'Sapato on Jun 13, 2011
“Sophia is one of the best Match Makers in the business, a real class act!” ~ David Nordstrom on Jun 9, 2011

"So far 2 dates with 2 very fabulous women. Both are open to second dates so trying to line that up to get to know them better. If someone told me you have to make a choice now, I would go with Alex. But too soon to tell. I went on about 9 dates with another dating service and everyone was a painful experience as we had nothing in common. So 2 for 2 out of the gate---I’m really happy I decided to enlist your help. Thanks Sophia. ~ Male, 43yo, Seattle, WA / December 7th, 2011 

Sophia...I voted but you truly dont need my vote. :-) You are great at what you do. Even though you never got round to matching me, I took your advice and have been in an amazing relationship since then. I spoke with you for barely 5 minutes yet you offered very profound statements that have stayed with me to this day and I have shared those words over and over. xoxo ~ Lolade Oyefeso / October 2011

"Dear Sophia, I met my soul mate....we met and married in 3 months, both of us thinking we would never ever be married again. When you know, you know. Best wishes to you." ~ Female, Seattle/WA, September 2011

"I hired Sophia as my matchmaker and quickly realized she has a unique gift when it came to identifying who could be my ideal match. I have met a wonderful man through her that I would not have met through my own avenues and he fits all the major aspects of what I have been searching for, including great chemistry! In addition I used Sophia's relationship coaching services when I first met her, which truly helped me build my self confidence in the dating world, as well as to be more open minded about the process. I am not only impressed with Sophia's work but incredibly grateful to her!" -- August 2011, Mary M., Female, 50yo, Seattle

"Sophia, I love this video – You did a magnificent job of touching on all of your areas of specialty, including your unique individualized coaching strategy through the entire dating lifecycle. You absolutely have a gift for successfully providing successful outcomes through your experience and personalized attention to the individuals you work with. I like how you also mention the fact that so much money can be spent on dates that are not a fit – whether the cost be in dollars, time lost on matches that bring no long term potential, or lost opportunities due to repeated behavior patterns that allow dating to end prematurely. There is an absolute savings and success factor that is to be accounted for in working with you. Your honest, personalized, and open approach to communication is magnificent – you drill in to the core issues that allow for an individual to recognize and realign with their desires and attract as well as recognize the best mate. You provide that additional before and after layer that is fundamental to success, and that coaching aspect is so very important, and something that the majority of services out there do not provide. You take the false notion of love being a numbers game, and you put the information for success in your client’s hands by identifying key areas of value, and empowering them toward their greatest potential with a very caring touch. You have a wonderful gift my friend, and Seattle is blessed to have you. You can't put a price on love...but there sure is a cost to lost time and small talk with a host of nonmatches - if we took a spreadsheet to the average annual expenditures of unsuccessful dates - I have no doubt the numbers would add up to far more than the average person realizes over the course of each year!" Lisa Rayanne, 35yo, February 2, 2011 at 9:18pm 

"Dear Sophia, I would like to thank you again for speaking to me yesterday and giving me a lift. It will take a little bit of time to heal but one of the best advice was that God had something better planned for me than I originally did. All of your advices were great!! I will definitely try to keep in contact and work on my healthy boundaries. Thanks again Sophia and have a great day! "It takes two to tango, but one to fall" - July, 2010, Male, 25yo, Austin, TX 

"He is great! Thank you for asking.  He adores me, which is something I haven't experienced since my 1st husband.  He came in a package I didn't expect -- but you really helped me see that the things I was looking for in men and what I was attracted to were not making me happy.  I would never have met him without your help with my pictures & profile, encouragement to start dating again, and the coaching. So, thank you!  :)" - August 2010, Female, 43yo, Seattle, WA 

 "I have an update on my dating/relationship scene. I think I had mentioned at the first coaching session that the last introduction went well. Since that time about 3 weeks ago, her and I moved like a speeding bullet to major boyfriend/girlfriend status. I mean MAJOR MAJOR bf/gf status. I wanted to say that on our second date I clearly brought up the "what are you looking for" type of filtering/honesty questions - something I never, ever would have done before! Though at the time we weren't exactly on the same page at the beginning of the second date we talked about most everything, and by the end of it we were absolutely crazy for each other, and the date got even better! We both see MAJOR long-term potential (and it seems we're both dancing around the "L" word!). This is not to say my work is done. We have both talked about the very real possibility that the flame will burn strong yet quick, and before we know it things will be over. Until then however, we will enjoy it!" - August, 2010, Male, 35yo, Bellevue, WA

"I have known Sophia for about a year now, and my every interaction with her has been absolutely wonderful. Sophia is professional, and maintains confidentiality which is of utmost importance when we are sharing our personal lives with someone. The trust factor is absolutely there, which allowed for me to open up to her. Something else that I really appreciate about Sophia is she used her own life as an example with me at times when there was an alignment, to help me see that these things are not isolated events that only happen to me, but many of us face events and if we manage through them well, then we grow from the situations and are better people as a result. Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth of our own areas of improvement, so when Sophia uses herself as an example, your walls go down, because she is not only taking your story, she is sharing hers...she is humbly relating so that you can feel comfortable in those areas that you can improve on.  Granted there are issues that the other people around us may need to change, but as we grow as people, it is not so much a need to focus on others, as it is to focus on ourselves, that is what we are able to really bring change in - and that is how we move our life forward in a blessed and successful way.


Since I started meeting with Sophia, many significant things have changed in my life - all because of the tools she gave me, from how to be more aware of myself and what I attract into my life, to how I respond to situations in life and alternative ways of responding were offered by her - which actually proved very beneficial even though my first reaction was to doubt. Sophia taught me some key points 1. Humility/Humble 2. Authentic 3. Kind rather than right -- at first this made me feel weak, because I"m a very type A, strong woman and for me to change my communication style was not easy, it took me 3 months of being aware daily and in being willing to try it even if it felt odd. I even through through a period where I just felt I was in a void - never was I unhappy, I just felt out of touch with things, everything was vague almost like a dream state where you are not sure you fit. 


After those 3 months passed and I kept with everything she had taught me, accepting that I don't have to be perfect, and that the way I calculated perfect to be, may not have been what others saw perfect as being --- the changes started to come through. I now attract very successful, kind, authentic genuine people into my life. I broke away from my employer and started my own company, and I am embracing life with true joy.  Instead of hiding the softer sides of who I am, for fear that the fast paced business world would only be interested in seeing my stronger side, and transferring that over to the men I would meet -- all was a fallacy - the reality is, the world responds well to our authentic self, even if it means being softer, removing walls, being open, being vulnerable....we attract what we are, and thus the most beautiful parts of life are only seen when we open ourselves with confidence and love to the vulnerability of feeling life and allowing life to see through us and to be ok with our imperfections, most people dont see them anyway, because no one is perfect. Sophia is a true treasure, and she has a wealth of knowledge that absolutely brings results - by now you may have had a couple sessions with her and are aware, and if not, I encourage you to do so. I had about 10+ sessions and I"ll have a couple more - but what I love is that the results are obvious, she doesn't just listen, she provides tools and solutions -- to realize your dreams, to bring out the beauty within you, and to live the best possible life, attracting the most beautiful possibilities. All the best, L."  ~ Female, 35yo, Seattle WA, October 15, 2010 2:10:54 PM PDT

"Dear Sophia, I would like to thank you again for speaking to me yesterday and giving me a lift. It will take a little bit of time to heal but one of the best advice was that God had something better planned for me than I originally did. All of your advices were great!! I will definitely try to keep in contact and work on my healthy boundaries. Thanks again Sophia and have a great day! "It takes two to tango, but one to fall" - July, 2010, Male, 25yo, Austin, TX

"He is great! Thank you for asking.  He adores me, which is something I haven't experienced since my 1st husband.  He came in a package I didn't expect -- but you really helped me see that the things I was looking for in men and what I was attracted to were not making me happy.  I would never have met him without your help with my pictures & profile, encouragement to start dating again, and the coaching. So, thank you!  :)" - August 2010, Female, 43yo, Seattle, WA 

"I have an update on my dating/relationship scene. I think I had mentioned at the first coaching session that the last introduction went well. Since that time about 3 weeks ago, her and I moved like a speeding bullet to major boyfriend/girlfriend status. I mean MAJOR MAJOR bf/gf status. I wanted to say that on our second date I clearly brought up the "what are you looking for" type of filtering/honesty questions - something I never, ever would have done before! Though at the time we weren't exactly on the same page at the beginning of the second date we talked about most everything, and by the end of it we were absolutely crazy for each other, and the date got even better! We both see MAJOR long-term potential (and it seems we're both dancing around the "L" word!). This is not to say my work is done. We have both talked about the very real possibility that the flame will burn strong yet quick, and before we know it things will be over. Until then however, we will enjoy it!" - August, 2010, Male, 35yo, Bellevue, WA 

Hi Sophia; Good to see you yesterday.  Thanks for the kind words you wrote about me on your facebook.  So true.  Funny that my perfect match was one person away from me and that person was you.  So thanks Sophia for the daily butterflies in my stomach, the rose colored glasses I wear all day, the swellingin my heart and buckling knees.  It's all really good.  Hope for you too. XO
(Friday, June 04, 2010 11:32 AM)
Sophia, Yes..! I want to say thanks also.. She is awesome for me..! So many reasons why.. She is my match..! I am falling in love again for the first time in so many years..! I am not so grumpy anymore..:-)) Thanks again, The best to you Sophia and God bless!
Dear Sophia; 
I just wanted to thank you for your highly intuitive gifts that have united me with someone who is potentially my life partner. When I first came to you with the desire to meet the man of my dreams, I felt in some strange way that you in fact were capable of doing this.  I felt this partly because you operate at a different energetic level in looking for potential soul mates but also because you “see” potential everywhere.  This is a gift and I see that in you.  After just a few meetings with you, I could sense that you felt my “essence” which is important when trying to find a compatible partner.  I could feel the universal forces working within you to try and find my match.  And you did that very quickly.  My first match!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew instantly that this man was on my life page and we had many karmic overlaps and synchronicities to play out.  That has been true and now 1 month later we are growing closer and closer to each other with the hope that we develop a long lasting and enduring relationship filled with happiness.  We are both thankful for you Sophia as you have changed both of our lives and made us better people.  I hope your gifts can be felt by many others as love is the universal energy and should be shared.  It’s the only thing that will make this world a better place.  Heartfelt thanks Sophia for your spiritual and intuitive perspective on people and love. ~ SLM, Seattle, June 7th, 2010

"Sophia, hello, we just wanted to touch base to let you know that tomorrow is our six month anniversary, and we couldn't be more enamored with one another. Though our time together feels like it's gone by in a flash, other times, it feels like we've been together forever and have so much in common. We are now both equally excited in pursuing our relationship (and our dreams) together. This match would not have come about without your keen talents, of which we are overflowing with gratitude towards you." ~ Nathaniel & Mercedes  - April 1 at 4:02pm 

"Every time I think of Love, Friendship and the word Serendipity I think of YOU! I think of the person who reached out to a stranger and only connected by FB and a few common friends! You helped me heal, grow and believe in myself! You have been a very important role in my journey and when I think of where I was in Dec and where I am now I smile and think of you. I am now MADLY in love.. I am in a year mentorship to help others like you have helped me and I am the happiest I have ever been in my life! Thank you my friend! Anytime you need a reference I will gladly give you one! Blessings!!!" Female - May 21st, 2010

"Dear Sophia, I just want to let you know how grateful I am for you to help me this year. I broke up with my boyfriend in February, determined to find the path I wanted to take and had the personal interview with you. That interview helped me so much. In the last month, I met a wonderful man who is a principal of a school. He is 48 years old, a marathon runner. I know I am a bit older than him, but it does not seem to bother him. We have mutual attraction and admiration of each other, truly want to build the relationship of love and kindness. I have never thought I would find someone like him. People say you find someone when you are least looking, and that's exactly what happened to me. We are already thinking of planning trips for next year. I just want to thank you for all you have done for me this year. I truly believe when you have the right frame of mind, you would attract a person with the same. Happy holidays!" December 18th, 2009, Female, - Bellevue, WA

"I cannot thank you enough for your time yesterday. I want you to know that our meeting yesterday changed my life. That may sound melodramatic but that makes it no less true. Through our meeting, I was able to identify exactly what I am looking for in a life partner and now feel better equipped to recognize it when I see it. Moreover, I finally embraced my ultimate goal--to be married and to create a family--and no longer feel as though it's something I ought not admit for fear of what others might think. You gave me some tools I can use to stop wasting my time with all the things that do not look like my life partner and stay focused on my goal. In short, I am energized to pursue love deliberately. I must say, our meeting yesterday was time and money well spent. I would have paid ten times the amount to get the same value you provided to me yesterday alone--that is how impactful it was." Female - 35yo, Bellevue/WA - January, 2010

"From the moment I began talking with Sophia I felt she had a special understanding about me and what I was looking for. By the end of our first session I believe she knew more about me and my dating issues than I did. She has a very special way of making you comfortable and before you know it you are telling her your wants and needs for a relationship and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t realize that trait in a person is so important to me.” Sophia is very accessible, she quickly returns emails and phone calls, is constantly updating me on where we are in the process, what great man she thinks may be match for me, and setting up dates. Her services also include many fun outside events to attend. The “HIT THE TOWN” event that I attended was great time. Sophia invited a select group people whom she believed might make good matches for each other, 6 men and 6 women. The evening started off with a great intellectual discussion about relationships, dating issues, and advice on dealing with them. I found it to be a great way to gain insight on what the opposite sex was thinking and feeling about the dating process and it become obvious very quickly that we all seem to face the same problems. Sophia worked with everyone in a very conversational manner on what might work best for us to get over these hurtles. After a bite to eat, we all moved into the bar for an opportunity to speak one on one with anyone we wished. It was a wonderful time. I believe that Sophia truly cares about her clients and will search to the end of the earth to locate them their perfect match, and this is why I have put my love life in her capable hands." December, 2009 Female - Seattle, WA 

"Sophia, you have given me new inspiration on being single and a new hope! Well you have inspired me a great deal and since I have been reading your posts I believe I myself have made a turn in a better direction! So just another personal thank you for your inspiration! You rock!! I thank you so much!!!" November 28th, 2009 Male - Eugene, OR 

"I just thought I would take a second to let you know that your personal information activities were the most inspiring I have seen here at FB so far! And I have seen MANY!!! Love and Blessings!!!" September 30, 2009 Female - Orange County, CA

"My life totally changed in the past month, you have no idea, to the good, to the excellent, and I think your words had some influence in my change, thanks :) I feel so good, I am blessed and happy inside, and it feels great! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving." November 28, 2009 Male – Los Angeles, CA 

"Sophia. Last night, My efforts to save a mans life with ten other gifted and trained medical crew members reminded me of you this evening. It seems that you have a gift of sending so many words of kindness and life long learning messages about the power of love in many perspectives. Last night, I heard love in the purest form. It was in the cry of a womans voice desiring her husband to return to life during a tragic medical event. I did not have the time to even look up and catch her appearance. I was forced to keep focussed on maintaining a perfect airway and delivering oxygen to a dying body. Her voice described herself without any features. This woman was crying for a continued life of love and her hopes of a bond between a man and woman to still grow just one more day, one more week, a month, an eternity. It was there that I was reminded of your messages. Her voice blew them all away. It was perfect, pure and radiant, and it gave me the strength to give my life with others that night for the sole purpose of keeping that bond between them a living reality. Thanks also for what you do Sophia. You also have the gift of saving lives. Namaste" Male, Bellevue - May 19th, 2010 

"Sophia, you are a breath of fresh air. How candidly you spoke about your experience and desire to help others is remarkable. You have a power within you that reaches out and lifts others up. To have dedicated your life's work to helping and teaching people to find love will surely benefit countless lives. I am in awe of you, and the beauty that emanates from you and how you have tackled your own demons and are here to help and teach others… Thank you for your time, energy and for the important information you shared with me. With kind regards..." November 27, 2009 Female – Bellevue, WA

"What a great service! Sophia really understood what I was looking for in a man and didn’t accuse me of being too fussy (which I thought I was!). On the third attempt, she hit jackpot! John and I have been together for 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier!" September, 2009 Female – Seattle, WA

"Sophia's approach is dead-on and transforms all our soggy paradigms from the past into something that WORKS. She is participating powerfully in my transformation; she’s help me become a noticeably more loving and less ego-driven individual. In the end, Sophia’s approach proves that spiritual evolution of self is the only way to attract the mate you're looking for, and she makes it easy. She’s taught me in just a few hours how simple shifts in my self-awareness and attitudes can change everything for the better. Sophia’s experiential and philosophical approach does so much more than convert “lemons” into “lemonade”; she coaxes out our inner beauty. In my case, it was inner beauty I had never before appreciated in myself. Set free, that newfound joy and beauty is spreading like wildfire across every aspect of my life. I’ll never again approach a woman in the same way; I’ll never view my role in any love affair through the same flawed filter I was given in early life. She proves it is possible to teach old dogs new tricks! I have never before praised any service to this whole-hearted extent. But Sophia is simply extraordinary to work with. I have no conflict of interest in saying this; I only hope she can spread her take on love far and wide. She brilliantly synthesizes the most salient aspects of popular self-help and religions concepts from every corner of human experience, and the results are powerful. In fact, this service is much more than a matchmaking business. It’s really life-coaching on steroids, with a very pleasant side-effect. If you’re open to her guidance, it will bring much better matches and much better relationship skills into your life. Sophia helps solve the universal struggle of every human … the elimination of lovelessness and loneliness in our lives. Bravo Sophisticated Matchmaking!" Roger, Mercer Island/WA - October 8th, 2008

"Sophia’s approach to matchmaking is like no other. She believes that great relationships start with self awareness and she skillfully guides you through that process. Sophia has keen intuition and very insightful. She is teaching you in a very inspiring way to melt away hidden tendencies and behaviors that sabotage your relationships. What makes it pleasant working with Sophia is that she has a talent for teaching growth and transformation in a spirit of self-discovery and not blame, judgment or self-reproach. After every session with Sophia I feel enlightened and empowered. Sophia’s coaching already affected all aspects of my life. I was able to enhance my relationships with friends, parents, coworkers and even my neighbor without even trying. It’s like a magic ;-) I know I’ll never approach my next romantic relationship in a way I did before. I can‘t wait to discover what’s going to happen next." Tatyana O., Seattle/WA - October 9th, 2008

"You are one of the most accomplished women I have ever met (and I have met a lot of people). What makes you especially amazing is your gracious generous approach to life. I am sincere when I say you will be "famous". The spirit you embrace business into matchmaking makes a ton of sense to people like me who are very driven at work yet traditional in love. I truly thank you for the time you spent with me today. More than that, I thank you for the hard effort you put into making certain that I do my part. Much like a wonderful BIG sister, you sent me a POA (plan of action) which I greatly appreciate. Like faith without legs, talking about doing something means nothing if not followed with action!" Female - 47yo, Bellevue/WA - December, 2007 

“While working with Sophia, I did recognize I was in the presence of amazing... Thanks again for being wonderful. You help me believe that there really are truly special women out there...” Male - 53yo, Olympia/WA - June, 2008

"I've always believed that certain people come into your life for a reason, and Sophia was definitely one of those people! I went into our meeting thinking I knew what I wanted and how to get it. Our time with Sophia was incredibly insightful for me, and I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want out of life. When I met her 2 weeks ago, I was sure that I was ready to find the right person and get married.  Now, well...I'm not so sure I'm ready.  In fact, asking myself 'why do I want that' has been an interesting question.  If my life's goal is to travel and have a life of adventure, why do I need anyone else at all?  I can do that for myself, and it is probably easier to do by myself anyway. It's been very liberating for me to realize that I don't NEED anyone. I think on a lot of levels I was waiting for someone to rescue me, and I've decided to rescue myself. After going through my family and persoanl history and reviewing goals with her, my eyes were opened in a big way. She helped me re-evaluate my priorities, see patterns of mistakes and helped me put together an action plan. I now have a better sense of who I am, what I'm looking for, and where I want to be. Spending a few hours with her changed my entire outlook on dating". Female - 33yo, Seattle/WA - January, 2008

"Without a doubt Sophia provides the most effective matchmaking service in the area. It's a waste of time and money to try any other service if you're truly seeking a serious relationship." Posted by: Tom Piscitelli, 10/9/2008

"Sophia is a woman with great insight and wisdom about people. Her positive energy is contagious. I tried a well know Internet dating service and quit after a while because it was lacking a personal touch. The first person introduced to me by Sophia turned out to be just "what the dating Doctor ordered." She's the best!" Male - 65yo, Bellevue/WA

"Thank you for the introduction you set up for me. Your experience and insight into people is very keen. The match you arraigned was a good one. I have had several dates with your client and there is good chemistry with us. We have a lot in common and have enjoyed each others company. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a special person in their lives." Male - 60yo, Bellevue/WA

"Sophia is incredible at listening to what you really are communicating, even if you don't realize it yourself. If you are serious about wanting a quality matchmaking experience, you should work with her. If it is only an online type experience you want, she is not the one. Sophia's work with people is personal, in depth and insightful."  Posted by: envoy, 10/9/2008 

"Sophia, brings class, elegance and the right combination of romance… This is the future…." Posted by: Pamela11, 10/8/2008

 "Sophisticated Matchmaking is OUTSTANDING!!! Sophia is a great host with understanding and compassion for her matchmaking success, bar none!!!" Posted by: phatddy, 10/8/2008

 "The group in attendance was open and willing to share views and listen to others." - Kelly (Aug 21, 2008)

"Your questions will be answered. The insight of a professional matchmaker brings to light many topic that you can further explore on your own." - Arland (Aug 14, 2008) 

 "It's a different perspective on dating." - Brian (Aug 11, 2008)

"Sophia has a lot of passion for what she does. She is a person that I feel that can improve your life just by being around her and listening to her speak." - Brett (Jul 25, 2008) 

"Good to come with a open heart, if you want to get better at dating and relationships" - Jacqueline (Jul 24, 2008)

"I want to highly recommend Sophia's agency to my best single friends, because it’s actually something new, refined and exceptionally serious on the matchmakers market. Charming, intelligent and well educated CEO – Ms. McDonald - a delicate psychologist by nature helped them to sense a hope for true love in our practical time." Posted by: Margo Akopyan 10/9/2008