October 23, 2020
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Our Services : Relationship Advice Hotline
Relationship advice sessions over the phone

Are you confused about your relationship, your partner's behavior or even yourself? Don't know what to do? How to respond? How to handle it? How to move on with your life?

Get relationship advice over the phone in a one-on-one coaching session and obtain confidence, hope and peace with these often-confusing relationships and go from being stuck to being loved.

Ask your question or pick a topic from the list below.
Relationship session over phone fees: $150 per one hour (minimum of one hour)
Are you ready to take a huge leap in the most important area of your life? I'm committed to help you learning how to: 
   Attract ideal partners and healthy relationships
   Recognize self-limiting beliefs
   Overcome biggest fears
   Improve dating skills
   Resolve conflicts with your partner and family members
   Boost self-esteem
   Get in sync with the opposite sex
   Become more attractive to the opposite sex
   Get second dates
   Make online dating work for you
   Get married
   Heal a broken heart
   Find yourself and heal after divorce
   Get back to dating
   Stop choosing the same type of partner over and over again
   Differentiate love from chemistry
   Stay friends with your exes
   Break old patterns
   Attract the type of partner you want
   Turn wounds of the past into your purpose for the future
   Interview your potential match as a professional matchmaker
   Get your partner back
   Handle a triangle 
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